Don't turn back now. Join us & get active! Use the 12in12 Challenge to keep your body & mind active.
Adapt it to suit what you can do now - 12 activities over 12 days, 12 laps of the garden over 12 weeks, 12 virtual events over 12 months. Let's get creative with our 12 activities.

how it works

The 12in12 Challenge
during 2021 - 2022

Adapt the challenge to work for you over the coming months so you can still earn your bling & certificate. You choose how to complete your 12in12 challenge. 

BE CREATIVE – or shout for support and ideas via email or social media.

Keep active & motivated in body & mind with our support.

To complete the Challenge record 12 activities with all the details. Record the date, time & what you do.

Choose to complete over 12 hours, 12 days, 12 weeks or 12 months. Join a virtual event or create your own. 

Volunteer, walk, jog, run, cycle, swim, tri, dance, or something we haven’t though of yet – you choose. 

your pace, your distance, our support.

Send us these details via the button below:       Date: 01/02/2021; Event Name: parkrun round the garden; Activity Type: walk; Time: 00:55:16; Distance: in miles or k’s

We will record your details for you & you can also send us info about your activity ideas so we can share them with other 12in12ers.

On completion we send out your medal and an e-certificate. You will get the chance to check & correct the certificate.

First Session of 2020
how it works

12in12 UKA Club

Anyone can join the 12in12 UKA (UK Athletics) Club. If you are a member of another UKA club but would like to be part of 12in12 you can become a second claim to the club. You don’t have to be part of the 12in12 Challenge to be a club member and vice versa. Both are open to everyone.

Through the club you will be able to get your UKA number if you join as a first claim. This entitles you to £2 discount on most UK races as well as many other benefits.

your pace, your distance, our support.


what are the benefits

Why join in?

Boost your Fitness

Supporting Others

Improve Wellbeing

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THANKS! 12in12 really helped to maintain my spirits. Din, CiRF, 67 yrs
Dineke Austin
When I first started running 12in12 really helped me keep going. It has helped me mentally to face each day Heidi, Mum & Carer 48 yrs
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