Warm Up – Dynamic Stretches

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The importance of stretching before and after exercise is often overlooked but it’s very important. Stretching increases circulation to the muscle being stretched. This will increase flexibility and range of motion The preparation we do before and after exercise will help us to stay injury free.

All warm up exercises should be moving (dynamic) stretches not standing still stretches. Your body should be moving & lightly stretching to get your heart rate up and blood flowing before you start to exercise. It allows our muscles to ease into the exercise and warm up instead of resisting against the pull and spasming, which does more damage than good. If you have a specific muscle that you have pulled before or feels extra tight, you might want to do static stretching before your activity but AFTER your dynamic warmup.

Here are some useful dynamic stretches:

High Knees

High Knees

1st May 2019

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