UK Clubs

Ever been too afraid to join a club?

‘They’ll be too fast’; ‘Much better than me’; ‘I’ll get left behind’;
‘I’ll join when I improve’

Most clubs will welcome you with open arms no matter what your ability is. The club members and volunteers in the club will only want to help you and that may just be to stay motivated and keep active.

12 in 12 Running Club

UKA affiliated 7692971 – which gives you your UKA number if you join.

Membership forms can be downloaded here and forwarded to

There are many benefits to joining a running club, not least the £2 discount on every UKA race you enter. It’s a social thing, you can work on your running technique and you can improve with the right help from the run leaders and coaches. You also benefit from UKA insurance as an athlete and from the many discounts offered by local running shops, ours is Yorkshire Runner in Otley, and other partners of UKA.

  • First Claim – this is your primary club
  • Second Claim – you belong to another club as a first claim
  • Social – to join us for the social events

You may just want the benefits from afar and we welcome anyone to join the 12 in 12 club wherever they live. We are always only a shout away if you need any kind of support.

The on the ground 12 in 12 running club meets every Tuesday evening at 18.30 in the car park at Yeadon Dam/Tarn off the High Street near the Little Fisherman, LS19. This session is for all levels of ability and lasts 1 hour. Please feel free to come along and join us there is no obligation to join the club.

If you become a member of the 12 in 12 UKA Club the attached pdf contains the Club’s Privacy Policy which operates in conjunction with the 12in12 website Privacy Policy. Click here to view.

Happy Running from The Tesseycoaches


If you want advice or help go to the Facebook page and ask a question.