In 2010 Andy & Jane signed up for the Great North Run for charity. Jane explains why and how 12in12 came about from then.

Neither of us had run since school some twenty years and a bit previously yet somehow we’d committed to run the GNR! Starting about 6 months before we slowly, and I mean slowly, found our running legs. I struggled massively in the early sessions and can still remember making it round the local dam to the picnic benches without stopping for the first time, it was a major achievement of about half a mile. Following the online training plan from take to the streets we slowly built up the miles without realising that most people build up to, rather than start at, half marathon. The training paid off enabling us both to complete the 2010 GNR without the sweeper bus that comes behind the last participants catching me! I was absolutely convinced it would be bringing me to the finish line having read the race blurb but, I’m pleased to say that Andy & I became runners from a standing start and were motivated to carry on after the GNR. It really goes to show that if you put your mind to it you can do it.


In the Olympic year of 2012 my friend and I, who live 100 miles apart, decided to do 12 runs in 12 months so we could meet up with each other and share our running trials & tribulations. It was an excuse to see each other a bit more regularly and it was great motivation to build and maintain a level of fitness throughout the year. I have yet to run as fast as her or my hubby, but feel proud to say I did beat him in a self-navigating trail race recently as he went the wrong way (only chance I was gonna get!) – not bad for a lass that doesn’t know her left from her right, causes trauma when putting those L & R socks on too!


In the following Olympic year of 2016 Andy decided to further share the 12in12 challenge with the running club we’d joined in 2012. We quickly realised that is was a great motivation for everyone that was taking part and had people chatting about what event they could take part in and even do together. The events varied from beginners taking part in parkrun to super speedy runners taking part in Ultras (further than a marathon distance). From the success of the challenge within the club Andy thought about taking it out to other people and we decided to set up 12in12 as an online community aimed at getting and keeping people active. We hope that together we can motivate each other and help everyone achieve their 12in12 challenge whatever that might be.

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