You’ve made the decision to progress from walking to running. Where do you start with your kit? Choosing kit does not have to cost a fortune. Here are some tips and ideas.

When it comes to running shoes buy the best that you can afford. Don’t start running in an old pair that you have had for ages, buy yourself a new pair. Don’t just buy cheap, it’s better to get some from a running shop that have been reduced in price. Most good running shops can also offer advice on how you run (gait analysis) and then advise which shoes are right for you. Also, invest in running socks, they are designed to reduce friction and should stop blisters or sore feet. Choosing the correct shoes for your style of running helps prevent some of the most common running complaints. Two key things to remember are buy the best you can afford and do not over train no matter how tempting. This should ensure that your running doesn’t come to an abrupt halt due to injury.

Running shorts and tops don’t have to be expensive. Do look at where the seams are and check that they aren’t going to rub and cause irritation. It doesn’t take long to end up with a painful red patch caused by rubbing. Buy what you can afford & make sure they are comfortable. 12in12 has a tried and tested range of kit for running which can be personalised, click here to go to the kit bag. For those of you local to our on the ground HQ there’s Yorkshire Runner in Otley for shoes and fantastic advice, and Fit in Harrogate for great gear.

When you take part in your first event make sure you have trained in your kit – never wear new kit, shoes or clothes on the day.