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You’ve made the decision to get active, so where do you start with your kit? Choosing kit does not have to cost a fortune, for example shop for past years styles in shoes and it can save a fortune. Try not to just buy cheap, it’s better to get decent kit that has been reduced in price. For each activity the kit you need will depend on the type of activity you are doing within your chosen sport.

Two key things to remember are buy the best you can afford and do not over train no matter how tempting. This should ensure that your active life doesn’t come to an abrupt halt due to injury.

When you take part in your first event make sure you have trained in your kit – never wear new kit, shoes or clothes on the day.

Here are some basic tips and ideas.

Running Kit

If you are starting out you will probably start with road running but you might enjoy trail running. There are different shoes for this and for track running so be aware.

Buy the best shoes you can afford. Don’t start running in an old pair that you have had for ages, buy yourself a new pair. Most good running shops can also offer advice on how you run (gait analysis) and then advise which shoes are right for you. Also, invest in running socks, they are designed to reduce friction and should stop blisters or sore feet. Choosing the correct shoes for your style of running helps prevent some of the most common running complaints.

Running shorts and tops don’t have to be expensive. Do look at where the seams are and check that they aren’t going to rub and cause irritation. It doesn’t take long to end up with a painful red patch caused by rubbing. Buy what you can afford & make sure they are comfortable. 12in12 has a tried and tested range of kit for running which can be personalised, click here to go to the check it out. For those of you local to our on the ground HQ there’s Yorkshire Runner in Otley for shoes and fantastic advice, and Fit in Harrogate for great gear.

Cycling Kit

Cycling can be on road or off road very similar to running. The kit you need for cycling will depend on the type of cycling you will be doing, particularly with regard to protective kit and footwear.

Every cyclist should wear a helmet. Go to a cycling store and try them on. Your head will not be the same shape as your friends head and it is the most important piece of kit you will purchase. Try to buy the best you can afford.

12in12 does have cycling tops & jackets that can be personalised. For other items of kit including footwear, padded shorts, gloves & eyewear we recommend going to your local cycling store.

Swimming Kit

The kit you need for swimming will depend on if you are indoor or outdoor swimming.

Indoor you will need your swimwear and you may want to use goggles and a hat, outdoor you might want to invest in wetsuit. Try to go local so you can get good advice and help with what suits your needs best. Talk to the instructors wherever you choose to swim and ask them for advice about local shops and the best places for top advice.

1st May 2019

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