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Active Mummy, Jody

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Jody is a 37 year old mummy who enjoys keeping active. She runs, cylces and swims, often combining the 3 disciplines into one and taking on sprint triathlons. A sprint triathlon is a great way to experience a triathlon for anyone new to the sport, it is a shortened distance for each event to give you a taster. Jody explained to us what 12in12 means to her and her family.

When I signed up to my third year of doing 12in12 and looked at my calendar for the year I realised that I didn’t actually have a race for February or March, texting my running buddies to see what they had booked in and searching the internet to find something suitable to fit in with our already hectic family schedule I realised this is the exact reason why I do it. I’m a 37 year old mummy to a 2 year old and completing the 12in12 challenge gives me the opportunity to stay focussed on me and my fitness. 12in12 is amazing as it really drives you to stay active all year, the support you receive from the group and Jane and Andy is like nothing I’ve received before. 2019 has only just started but I want to push myself to get more miles in this year. My husband to be has already got most of his race calendar sorted so it’s defo competition time in our house. My daughter loves coming along to support us both with our activities and it’s a real buzz getting cuddles at the finish. I wouldn’t be doing all these races if it wasn’t for 12in12 and I’m excited for the year ahead.

Jody’s future husband Kev has taken up the 12in12 challenge as a cyclist watch out for his profile next month.

1st May 2019

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