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Welcome to 12in12. Don't turn back now. Join us & get active! All profits go back to supporting the community. Helping those, who may not normally have access, get active too.
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The 12in12 Challenge

Keep active & motivated all year. To complete the Challenge record one activity per month, with all the details, for 12 months. Join an organised activity, a virtual event or create your own. Volunteer, walk, jog, run, cycle, swim, tri, dance, something we haven’t though of yet – you choose. 

your pace, your distance, our support.

Send us these details each month via the button below:       Date: 01/02/2020; Event Name: parkrun; Activity Type: walk; Time: 00:55:16; Distance: in miles or k’s

We will keep a record of your details; send info about your upcoming events so we can record them in advance.

On completion we send out your medal and an e-certificate. You will get the chance to check & correct the certificate.  

First Session of 2020
how it works

12in12 UKA Club

Anyone can join the 12in12 UKA (UK Athletics) Club. If you are a member of another UKA club but would like to be part of 12in12 you can become a second claim to the club. You don’t have to be part of the 12in12 Challenge to be a club member and vice versa. Both are open to everyone.

Through the club you will be able to get your UKA number if you join as a first claim. This entitles you to £2 discount on most UK races as well as many other benefits.

your pace, your distance, our support.


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Why join in?

Boost your Fitness

Supporting Others

Improve Wellbeing

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THANKS! 12in12 really helped to maintain my spirits. Din, CiRF, 67 yrs
Dineke Austin
When I first started running 12in12 really helped me keep going. It has helped me mentally to face each day Heidi, Mum & Carer 48 yrs
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Team 12in12 HQ

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  • 9:00 AM to 5.00 pm - Mon - Fri

If you are in the area feel free to call in.

The kettle is always on.

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  • Unit H, Rowan Court, Leeds LS19 7DT